Okay, I've been noticing this for a while now and decided I might as well ask. When I'm working on my programs at school, if I try to read from a text file, it can't seem to find the text file. However, if I run the exact same thing on my comp at home, it works fine with no problems locating the file.

Any reason why this might be happening?

For mine, I'm using either Vista or XP and DevC++ version
At school, it's XP and DevC++ version 4 (build on: 9/21/2000)

Is there just something about these two versions that differ when reading in a file?

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No it's not the compilers that are so much different. But the paths for the textfile will certainly not be the same when working at home or working at school.


Well, I made sure the text file was in the same folder as my program, and it worked fine with my home computer, but when I attempted it at school, nothing.

I even used our schools server (which I can access at home or school) and using the SAME text file and program, couldn't work it at school but could at home.


Another thing I just noticed, my school comps can't find <sstream> though my comp can.

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