Hi All.

I've compiled my code in Turbo C++ in a WinXp machine, Will i be able to execute the compiled code(.exe file) in Windows server 2003 or Unix Machine.If yes, is there any libraries or software i need to copy on the other machine.

Thanks in advance

No, definitely not for windows -> unix.

I'd recommend recompiling your code under different operating systems. But if your using turbo c (the old version), things like clrscr() and other crap won't be compatible.


Does it not work on Windows platform too?

It might do, things like if you're using a 64bit server 2003 os might be a problem if you compiled the code on a 32bit os.

yeah 32 bit apps work on 64 bit versions of windows
but 64 bit versions of windows hate 16 bit DOS apps

you may be able to run your .EXE on linux without modification using WINE