Hello all,
I have been playing with DB, seom time ago and want to resume soon where i got stuck. I want to make MySQLdb to get working with wxpython GUI. I got stuck on how to attach the tuple I got from select command to series to the text controls so that user can edit it!

Any help with very simple code/just words is appreciated

Worries: Will MySQLdb project go on or it will slowly die like Boa? Is there any other MySQL wrapper for python? Which is best between MySQL and PostgreSQL?


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MySQL and PostgreSQL are a matter of taste.

For me, PostgreSQL just happened to be easier to pick up and the Python module to interface with postgres DB was cleaner and better documented... I don't know what the state of either module is these days however.

I doubt that MySQLdb will die like BOA, since BOA is just a means to design interfaces and is very poorly developed/designed, whereas the MySQLdb module is a way to interact with a MySQL database in Python.


psycopg is the module I've used in the past with much ease. I can provide example code if necessary.

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