Hello all,
I have been playing with DB, seom time ago and want to resume soon where i got stuck. I want to make MySQLdb to get working with wxpython GUI. I got stuck on how to attach the tuple I got from select command to series to the text controls so that user can edit it!

Any help with very simple code/just words is appreciated

Worries: Will MySQLdb project go on or it will slowly die like Boa? Is there any other MySQL wrapper for python? Which is best between MySQL and PostgreSQL?


MySQL and PostgreSQL are a matter of taste.

For me, PostgreSQL just happened to be easier to pick up and the Python module to interface with postgres DB was cleaner and better documented... I don't know what the state of either module is these days however.

I doubt that MySQLdb will die like BOA, since BOA is just a means to design interfaces and is very poorly developed/designed, whereas the MySQLdb module is a way to interact with a MySQL database in Python.

I want to switch to PostGreSQL now. What are your suggestion guys?

psycopg is the module I've used in the past with much ease. I can provide example code if necessary.

I have seen Many module psycopg, and pygresql. which one is easier?
Example, yes it will be great!