i am really really sorry

i have left it until the night before hwk is due in

i need to make a program that;
inputs student data
outputs students data
edits previously inputted student data
deletes previously inputted student data

if anyone can help me, give me a basic structure of what to do, and i will complete the rest

please i am so desperate

i will pay a worthy amount

thanks alot

Depends on your level of coding, the fact you have nothing means you're gonna be late handing your code in

console or windows forms?

either way you probably need a menu to say, add, edit, view, delete, search..

you need to decide what data you want to enter, make a structure or class that will hold it

you need to decide then which method you are going to use to store your data

You then need to work out wether you're going to load all the data into memory and work with it there, or work with it direct on the disk.

design your view/edit/input form

You then write your read/write functions to disk

and debug it.

And it would be highly frowned on if someone wrote that for you - read the stickies.

Its YOUR home work, no money should get you your home work done, part of the learning is also managing your time.

Since you need to be able to view the data and delete the data...I would look into linked list...