i try to compile source code from a CD in MSVC++ 6. It is scripted in C++ and uses the Win32 api and Direct X 8.0 SDK - and i have included the ddraw.h, ddrawx.h (i have tried with and without this) and with the .lib files.

Whenever i tried to compile it returns an error sayin

"DirectDrawCreateEx" undeclared identifier

this is strange, and even when i try to use the general DirectDrawCreate it says i have too many paramaters, - so i need the "Ex" to compile this program as it is - has any one encountered this problem - i heard this was a bug in the old MSVC++ 5 but...

i woudl appreciate any help - if necessary i will post the source here, but cant atm cos at skool :(

oh yea, the source cdoe if from Andre LaMothe's book, "Tricks of The Windows Game Programming Gurus " 2nd ed, chapter 9 demo 1 - just if any1 was wonderin



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Check your project settings. Most likely you didn't include the directory containing the header files to the search path for headerfiles.

no, it finds the headers ok because i have other DX elements from the same header that work fine - and its a standard header now anyway + its in the /include directory - ty anyway

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