i try to compile source code from a CD in MSVC++ 6. It is scripted in C++ and uses the Win32 api and Direct X 8.0 SDK - and i have included the ddraw.h, ddrawx.h (i have tried with and without this) and with the .lib files.

Whenever i tried to compile it returns an error sayin

"DirectDrawCreateEx" undeclared identifier

this is strange, and even when i try to use the general DirectDrawCreate it says i have too many paramaters, - so i need the "Ex" to compile this program as it is - has any one encountered this problem - i heard this was a bug in the old MSVC++ 5 but...

i woudl appreciate any help - if necessary i will post the source here, but cant atm cos at skool :(

oh yea, the source cdoe if from Andre LaMothe's book, "Tricks of The Windows Game Programming Gurus " 2nd ed, chapter 9 demo 1 - just if any1 was wonderin



Check your project settings. Most likely you didn't include the directory containing the header files to the search path for headerfiles.

no, it finds the headers ok because i have other DX elements from the same header that work fine - and its a standard header now anyway + its in the /include directory - ty anyway