Can someone either give me a couple links, or some code with explanations on how to create gui (graphical user interface) buttons that are like boxes with text and color in them, that are equal to a command when you click them. Also, how do you create a gui slider (little button on a bar that you click and slide it back and fourth to changd the value of a variable), a text box (little box where you can enter, highlight, and deletd text without having to press enter after typing it.), and a checkbox\radio button (when you click inside one it sets some variable to be true. Clicking again = vice versa).

1. button
2. slider
3. textarea
4. checkbox\radio button

i use dev c++ for my compiler. thanks!

I don't have that much experience with making C++ GUIs. You may want to try Microsoft Visual C++ and their Forms feature. The Express version is free, but I don't know if it includes the Forms options, which is mostly drag and drop and easy to use. You may need the Professional version, which I think is free to try, plus Microsoft has some student deals if you join the ACM or IEEE or something. In haven't the foggiest idea how to do it on Dev C++. Never tried. Here's a link to the top of the C++ forum where they have a long list of books.

You can also join O'Reilly Safari, which has some great online books, right at your fingertips. There's gotta be a "Sam's Teach Yourself..." or "Head First..." book relating to this.

Before learning how to use those child controls like buttons, edit boxes, etc, you need to learn how to create a windows application.

You can try to go through the following tutorial:
Win32 API tutorial

Ill check it out, thanks!

Ill check this stuff out, thanks!

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