How would I go about making a testris game in c#?

This is NOT for a homework assignment, this is just me practicing. I don't have any code of my own because I don't know how to approach the problem.

Any help, please?

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Thank you, I can't wait for my baby boy to come! I hope he likes programming like me. *daydreams*

If you are unsure how you would go about making it, the best thing is to draw it on paper wnd write down what your doing step by step, so if you take a random shape, you place it in the middle and then describe how you would move it down, and decide if it would move down etc.. once you have the description.. you can work on the code.

Thanks Liz, that sounds about right. :P

What controls do you think are prudent to use in the endevor?

Pretty much none :) other than maybe some buttons if you really want them

I tried writing tetris a while back (not for C#) but trust me on this: make blocks classes and then use small arrays to hold 4 blocks in different positions (to make pieces). That will make it MUCH easier when it comes time to break pieces apart as rows disappear.

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