You are the owner of a sportswear store that sells tennis shoes of three different brands. The shoes have different prices, as follows:
1. Nike: $100.95
2. Sketchers: $125.5
3. Adidas: $92.45

Write a program that does the following:

• Ask the user to enter a product number (1 3: 1 for Nike, 2 for Sketchers and 3 for Adidas)
• Ask the user to enter the quantity a given customer would like to purchase.
• Determine and print the amount to be paid by the customer for his request
• If the product number is not between 1 and 3, print an error message indicating so, and re-enter another product number.
• Repeat steps 1 and 4 until a value of 0 for the product number is entered.
• Hint: Use a switch statement.

Finally your program should print the following:

1. The Total amount of all products sold
2. The Total number and amount sold per product
3. The most required product with its percentage

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