I have decalared a structure named record as given below and also created a function called read() inside the structure. The function works fine when I call it using this statement:


but I want to create one more function which can be called to initilize all the variables and arrays.

When I tried to initialize an array inside the structure, it gave an warning message message that "for loop... can't be expanded inline."

What should I do to initiliza arrays defined inside a structure?

When I write the user input to a text file, garbage values are also written. So, I want to initialize arrays before using them.

Inside the given below structure if I create a function similar to the read() one, it doesn't work and wranings come:

void init() {

int count = 0; //This initialization works fine.

for(count = 0; count < 100; count++) {

 a[count] = ' ';



Can anybody help me?

void main() {


	typedef struct record {

		char 	q[100];
		char 	a1[100];
		char 	a2[100];
		char 	a3[100];
		char 	a4[100];

		void read() {

		       printf("\nQuestion: ");

		       printf("\nA: ");

		       printf("\nB: ");

		       printf("\nC: ");

		       printf("\nD: ");

		       //printf("\nChoice: ");


	record myRecord;

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What is "clear"?

Your program is not a C program. It is C++. I think it is better that this post would moved to C++ section.

Inside a class or structure (both are almost same thing in C++) you can not set member values because they are not still created.

Well, it's so simple (in C++ ;) ):

struct Record {
    char q[100];
    char a1[100];
    Record() {
        memset(q,0,sizeof q);
        memset(a1,0,sizeof a1);
   void read() {
Record YourRecord; ...

You can also intialize the arrays in main but outside structure,if you don't want to use inbuilt function memset() .

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