HI Guys

Iam developing a windows service,In that service I send a email,so i using lotus notes to send email,according to artical in internet,I used Lotus domino object.After I created setup
its works properly,But when I need to start new project that also about sending email from lotus,then Once I go to add reference->Com then I cant see tha domino object in that list.so what I did is browse and find the "domobj.tlb",in that case it give me error messsage saying invaild assembly and lack of permissions something like that.SO what I did is reinstall lotus then it domino object in that add reference list ,I cant do it every time Pls give me help to slove this problem.

Do a google for filemon - used to be made by sysinternals - MS took over it, monitor what files its trying to read and whats being blocked.. It maybe as simple as its read only

No, If you have the right tlb you have to
generate a dll file issued from it using the dotnet tool Regasm.exe
statr>all program>visual studio 200*>Visual studio tools>Command prompt
type regasm path\yourfile.tlb path\yourSugesstedName.dll
register it using regsvr32.exe tool using the console
C:\WINDOWS\System32\regsvr32 path\yournew generated dll


Thanks guys.I will do that


I did what Jugortha posted here but I cant create dll file because it generate error messages saying
Failed to load 'path' because it is not a valid .NET Assembly.


Did you try what I suggested?


Thanks LizR,I never used that,but I downloaded it ,I think it will help me
.Thank lot.