I have failed my java programming class but I am retaking it in February. I have untill then to figure out how the heck to do all this. I have uploaded my program, it is an inventory program for dvds. I was supposed to create a GUI that I thought I did but apparently I have not. My old instructor even said that I didn't add the buttons correctly on the button frame. I was also supposed to include a add, delete and midify button but I didn't know how. I was supposed to include an "save" button that saves the inventory to C:\data\inventory.dat.file. I don't know how to do this either. I know that the next class I take wil be different and have different requirements probably different assignments but I need to know badly what I am supposed to write on here and how I am suppsed to write it. I don't know what any of it means and I wrote it with info from my text book! Sombody please help me or warn me again whatever I need help please!

Nobody is going to sift through your code looking for errors.


That tutorial is what helped me gain the skill to write a GUI which handled multiple different activities, including printing, interactivity between itself and other GUIs, updating its information while running (adding text), and updating its main database while running. Ezzaral helped me quite a bit with the interactivity part -- why? Because I showed effort, identified a problem & explained what I could, and didn't just post something asking for someone to do it. I suggest you do the same. You can start by figuring out what part of your code has the problem. If your problem is that the buttons aren't added properly, then go to the portion of your code where you add the buttons and post it with code tags. If we need more code to help you figure out your problem, we'll ask for it at that point. It could be that you don't call frame.setVisible(true); or something simple like that.

Try to leave the GUI out of it at the beginning.

First write a class that will represent the data you will be saving.

Then in a separate class write methods that read and write to a file, a List (ArrayList, Vector) of DVDs.
Test the above in main method. Just create in the code some DVDs and save them to the file. Then read them and print them.
When all the operations needed are done, then create the GUI and call these methods.

That way it easier to proceed because you don't mix different things together. It would be difficult for someone that doesn't know much, to try to create a GUI and in the same class read and write to file.
With the above way you will be able to proceed step by step. If there is an error while reading you will be able to concentrate only to that and not worry about the rest the class