Hi all

Well this is my first post, and this looks like a good site to ask...

Basically, i have Visual Studio 2008, without a clue on using it-

My Request:

To gain aid in making a program which does and has the following features-
Drop down menu which contains a list of items, say for Example CAR and PLANE.
With a selection another drop down menu appears with a list of locations, and with the say NORTH or SOUTH, and when you select the location you are given the correct code.

The Application or program when done will act more like an organiser. Technically i will need all of the base code. I will input the OUTPUT codes if shown where, and the correct names of the items.

So another example would be in front of me here i have some information; Mongoose On Valhalla, = E11111 whilst Mongoose on Narrows = E22222, so the program would effectively output the correct Code for the designated location and vehicle.... So in the first drop down menu i would choose Mongoose, then i could choose Valhalla or Narrows, and if i chose Narrows i would be Given E22222

I understand this is a HUGE request...

But any assistance at all is appreciated thank you for help :)

P.S I have just had a quick read of the forums, and understand that i may have posted this on a wrong forum :/ - I would like it in C++ But i mean if this forum dosent take large requests like i have posted please point me in the right direction :)

Thank You

>>i have Visual Studio 2008

Which edition? the free Express edition can only do plain win32 api programs and console program. The program you are describing is a GUI with menus. Not all that difficult to achieve for someone familiar with win32 api programming. If you are not, then do this tutorial.

I see, well i have had a look at that tutorial.

And also i have the Visual Studio 2008, Not Express edition-

so is there any chance you can help, or is it to complicated?
Thanks :D

I think your edition of the compiler supports MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class). You have two choices: 1) pure win32 api functions as shown in that tutorial, or 2) MFC. Your compiler's IDE has a wizard that will generate all the code for a basic SDI or MDI MFC program with menu in just a few seconds. After creating that just change it to however you want.