i require to submit a crime reporting system as my major project in engg.
can anyone provide me with a similiar code in java[/B]

is there any way to store images and videos in a database...and then retrieving them from a java application..

plz five some example..
thank u in advance..

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do I need to explain?
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You're doing a project for your major and you expect someone on here to give you the code? Lol.. rearry?

don't tell me this is the first one you see trying to get this done?


You have chosen a pretty complex project assignment , better try some simpler project assignment , code it yourself and submit .



U have code for Crime Reporting System Please forward it to SNIP
I need it I am also doing same project in java as my final year Project.

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Being in an IT solutions firm, I have seen a lot of so called computer engineers with near to no understanding of programming and what it is all about, whatsoever. I always used to get so amazed knowing this, thinking how somebody who has been trained in that particular subject for 4 years be like this. I owe a big thanks to you for clearing my amazement.

I hope you get it.


Hello I am a Trained Professional in Microsoft.net. It is not for me for my friend. I think I have no fuller idea in JAVA. That's all.


I need it I am also doing same project in java as my final year Project.

I don't know what this line suggests to you, but for a majority of the people here it suggests that YOU are the one looking for it.

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It certainly suggests that to me.

No, We are not hiring now anyways. ;)

Not to mention the hell of a first impression he has already made.


ok. but remember that If anybdy asks about u, It is not for job as we r jobless but for information to be in touch


Why do you think I would want to be in touch ? Anyways, I think we should stop posting onto this thread as it is old and we aren't really on topic.

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