There might be another Thread about this.... and if there is PLEASE tell me link.

But I have been a few weeks trying to figure out why my games fail and the Visual C++ Library error comes and my game fails.... I have been uninstalling and installing but it hasnt worked.... So today i bought GTA San Andreas for PC and when the error came I really got pissed... I payed 44 Euros for it and I cant play it!! :cry: If any of you know how to fix it I would really aprisiate it.

I am sorry if I have spelling errors

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I nominate this thread for the most cryptic question award.

Help us to help you and post the COMPLETE error you are gettin with this game (and others). We are not psychics.

Here it is and I am sorry for the Little evidense :o

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: ...les\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\GTAsa.exe

This applicantion has requested the Runtime to terminate it and unusual way.
Please contact the application's suppor team for more information

THE EXACT THING for 5 games except for the link of the program

What is the connection between running a game and Visual C++ ? It's a bit late here but I can't find an obvious link between the two. The error that you get usualy appears when you cause an undefined (from language point of view) situation in a program. There are many examples for such stuff(using uninitialized variables is one simple case) but the consiquence is always a disaster ;) What are you actually doing ?

Don't forget that every responsible code (programs) is comming with more or less documentation with it. In such is a troubleshooting section not uncommon, maybe you'll find an answer there .. ?

I wish I knew what the connection was so I could fix it and play my games :sad:

I wish I knew what the connection was so I could fix it and play my games :sad:

It is quite obvious what you wish. Maybe if you try to answer some of the questions you were asked somebody will be able to help you.

>What is the connection between running a game and Visual C++ ?
The only connection is that he has a debugger installed and a crashing program is simply giving him more information with the expectation that he's a developer that can fix it.

I wish I knew what the connection was so I could fix it and play my games :sad:

Maybe if you go to the support forums of one of those games, you could find answers. What's your PC config, and what Windows do you use?

In the meanwhile, try to install this , this and this . To save time. Support guys will surely suggest the same at first time.

There's no need to download all three packages in a single shot. Try one at time. Just be sure to get the right files (according to your system specs).

I am really new in trying to fix computer things.... so I have no idea what my config is and stuff :confused: If I knew how to answer your questions I would have a while ago :-|



Then hit "Save Info" or so (left of the Exit button). Upload the file here.

I did every thing you told me to do, and here it is

Though your config is not the best, you meet the minimum requirements for GTASA.

Get the last ForceWare drivers here (be sure to previously uninstall the older version).

But I know I have more then the minimum for all the other games :( But I cant play them either

Gillzor, the problems with the games are in general 2 - insufficient hardware recources (you're on the limit, but I don't think this is your problem) and outdated drivers for video/monitor/directx and so on. Also the case of overcrowded windows (and registers) should be considered. Maybe you should consider a fresh install.. for windows this has helped not once and twice, specially in previous distributions.

In both cases, though, your problem is out of the scope of this forum - it has nothing to do with C/C++. Try to update your drivers, to minimize the number of running processes when starting the game (ctrl+alt+del and kill almost everything that is started by your user). If this doesn't help - reinstall windows and complete the driver and process steps again. If the problem persists - contact the creators of the games and ask them. Meanwhile you can search for patches on the net and the official sites.
Good luck.

I reinstalled Windows and am about to do up my comp to make it better :) and I tried playing GTA SA and I COULD!!! :) Id like to thank you guys ;)

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