I'm having problems with this.

The thing is that when I send an MMS with J2ME to another devices with JSR 205 (two tested: SonyEriccson w610i and Nokia 5300), a receiving icon flashes, but the message is not in the inbox folder. I think this happens because of the application ID -which may not be recognized-, so, is there a universal application ID -or another way- for sending MMSs in J2ME? Because I don't want to install a viewer (to receive the messages) on every single device.

The code I use is the same you can find all over the web: Open MessageConnection, create MultipartMessage, set address (mms://{number}:{appID}), add MessagePart and kick it out.

By the way, when I send it to a device without JSR 205 (an old SonyEriccson), it is received; But then again, not all the devices people will be sending MMSs may be that old.

And finally, the carrier is Telcel (Mexico). I don't know if this has something to do with it, but maybe.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you better to ask this question on SE or Nokia forum. There is chapter in my book about messaging but I did not pay attention to it as I do not use it...


This makes the magic:

//String address = "mms://"+ number +":"+ appID;
String address = "mms://"+ number;

Every mobile is receiving the message now. But I don't know if it's correct sending messages like this, maybe future versions could complain.

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