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I in the process of making an oRPG game called Book of Souls using an open source oRPG engine called Konfuze D-Bugged. This is similar to the Mirage Source engine. We are currently looking for a coder who can modify the source of this engine in order to help us include custom features. If anyone is interested please submit an application at the Book of Souls forum (higly perferred), however if this is not possible reply on this thread.

Here is a link to the engine:

Here is some basic information about our game:

**This ORPG's content and features are aimed for serious roleplayers. Players are enouraged to help develop the storyline and solve various mysteries surrounding Drasil (Continent) history's various events.**
The land of Drasil stands pivoting on the brink of war. Syran radicals threatened to attack the borders of Vian as Vian considers a possible embargo on all Syran products due to high tension in-between the countries in the Aether's following the Hydronaught explosion. This economical threat frightened Syra's Dictator, Lorix Naraka. On the 10th of Avian in Aether 12 Lorix gave his private Militia the order to attack the radicals. Syran's were shocked and Syra was thrust into Civil War. This Civil War lasted for three Aether's until Vian's militia stepped in for fear the fighting would run across the border and spark a war. The Vian militia wiped out the radicals and the small town of Frontsworth, a town on the Syran border. This was forever known as the Frontsworth Massacre.

Lorix Naraka made it known that he was going to deal swiftly with rebellion. Syra's military was depoyed out to his borders to kill all of Vian's footmen and militia lingering in his country. On their journey they killed countless radicals in a countrywide purge. Those that lived were put into concentration camps and were eventually dropped onto Buila Island. There they created a refuge for thieves, villains and pirates. Lorix crushed all those that got in his way, and Vian hastily sent out an ambassador to Syra in an effort to restore peace between the countries. After an Aether of war and bloodshed, peace was finally restored to Drasil. In the midst of the chaos a Syran town called Nome was completely wiped out. The spectacle distracted Vian, Rebel and Syran forces, as this explosion could be seen and heard throughout northern Syra. Thousands died in the tragic event, and the source of the explosion was never discovered. The explosion had an odd effect that appeared to wash over each citizen, soldier and even the Dictator, Lorix Naraka himself. In a strange molment of compassion, Lorix Naraka ended the war as quickly as he started it. However, his compassion ended there. He quickly slaughtered all of his detainee's with his axe, "The Equalizer," and was responsible for taking the lives of thousands of men and women. Relations between Vian and Syra smoothed out after that point and borders were re-opened. Buila Island was never dealt with, and became a sprawling republic. Though founded by thieves, Buila citizens would later discover many alchemic advances. After all of this turmoil and strife, hope finally beamed through to the people of Drasil. Throughout Vian's history, only the Hydronaught brought guilt and remorse. The Hydronaught was a machine able to create a vast supply of energy that was easily contained and refined. The original Hydronaught was invented in Syra during the Civil War as a way to fuel military advances. The operation was spearheaded by a brilliant Syran Alchemist, Gordon Raeth Lyons. His methods were unconventional and caused much uproar among his peers. Tragedy befell Lyons as his devotion to his work finally killed him. He left behind a book, infused with the souls of those lost during the Civil War called The Book of Souls. His machine required the spritual energy given off by the souls to create the vast energy it produced. The pages of the Book of Souls were scattered throughout Drasil by Syran and Vianese religious leaders, who deemed the use of this book taboo. The locations of the pages were lost with time and are spoken of only in legend. Until the last page is found, there will never be true peace in Drasil. Possessing the Book of Souls meant power and glory to those who found pages and fused the souls into their own. Power corrupts men and gives birth to evil. The pages of the Book of Souls would fuel desire, hate and lust for Aethers to come.
Players are encouraged to help develop the game, weither it be inventing new and unique items, creating laws, inventing medicine or starting a war. The game is aimed at roleplayers who want a serious RPG to unlease their creativity. The game is created to be easily picked up and fairly simple to play.

-Player Religion
-Player Politics
-Diseases and Medicine
-Martial Arts
-Five Character Classes
-300+ Different Appearances
-Player-Run Businesses
-Player Real Estate
-400+ Monsters
-PvP System
-NvN (Nation vs. Nation) system.
-Guild ally, enemy and war features.
-Player Started-Towns
-Literature/Art/Philosophy/Biography Contests (fictional BoS content)
-Player Marriage
-Bi-Weekly Quests and Events

Game Interface:

Game Screenshot:
There are minor inconsistancies with our graphics, please molmentarily excuse these as we push into ALPHA version and continue making patches and graphical errors.

The Pickpocket is the Thief class. They are the only class able to wield bows at first, though other classes may learn eventually. Pickpockets have existed for centuries as common thieves, but only about two hundred years ago did they start to focus their skills on being thieves. Besides than the occasional pickpocket, thieves would also train to assasinate. Over the years, theives have become a deadly force that is always slinking around the shadows of Drasil. There are rumors that the Assasin can become invisible, though there is no proof of such a feat yet.
Pickpocket » Lockpick » Thief » Rogue » Nimmer » Assassin

The Soldier is the warrior class. The Soldier has always been, and will most likely always be. Soldiers really have no origin, because humans have been fighting since the dawn of time. Soldiers always have fought wars, and Civic Archmagi never seemed to bother teaching them magic because they would always die in the war and teaching them was considered a waste of effort. They learn no spells, but do learn a number of attacking and defensive skills.
Soldier » Warrior » Guardian » Swordsman » Knight » Gladiator

The Trainee is a mix of the acolyte/scholar and the soldier. Trainee's began in temples as the Acolyte did. After a temple in northern Syra was attacked by Nomads, the temple's residents had to protect themselves by putting their medititation into a form of combat. Doing so, they created the first martial arts. Over the years, this new form of fighting was further developed and employed by numerous temple monks. They learn attacking skills and few spells. Their spells mainly consist of healing spells for hunting purposes.
Trainee » Monk » Combat Artist » Blackbelt » Elder » Sensei

The Acolyte is the healing class. Acolyte's origined in the temples in Drasil. At first they learn no more than healing spells, but soon they learn weak attacking spells as well. They also preform services in the temples, and often act as guardians of villiages. If you're going to start a villiage, an acolyte is essential to maintain the citizen's wellbeing. They learn no attacking skills, but do learn seven weak attacking spells for defense.
Acolyte » Student » Cleric » High Priest » Philosopher » Bard

The Scholar is the wizard class. Scholars first started using magic around three thousand Aethers ago when blood ore was first discovered. The use of blood ore was then used in alchemy, which fuses two items together. By accident, when the blood ore was used with certain chemical elements, the first spells were invented. Though spells no longer require the mixing of chemicals. They learn no attacking skills, but do learn a large number different spells for defense, support and hunting purposes.
Scholar » Enchanter » Voodooist » Magus » Archmage » Sage

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BoS:TDA is 100% free and runs on a dedicated high-speed server.
ALPHA version signups are closed, but BETA signup and Open BETA will occur in mid/late February.

Thank you for your time,

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