getting value of return value of stored procedure to code behined,with MicroSoft Patterns and Practices.

Hi all,

I am using Microsoft Patterns and Practices to make a database connection to my application. I am able to get the value of the OUT parameter of the stored procedure to code behind. But not able to find the way how to get the return value of a stored procedure to code behind.

Can anyone plz let me know the way....! The example code snippet is really appriciable.....!

Thanks & Regards,
(Naveen Kumar M)

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Why you don' use an UDF user defined function instead of a stored procedure


Thanx for the reply and actually that is the clients requirement. if not i could have gone for OUT parameter.

As this is the client's requirement i could not change. So, please let me know the way.

Thanks & Regards,
(Naveen Kumar M)

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