Hi there. Iv been searching (this forum and Google) for examples using the StyledTextCtrl, so that I can see how the thing actually works, but with no real joy. Iv found a couple of very basic examples but nothing that really shows the workings of the control. Iv seen the example in the wxWidgets examples, but it doesn't seem to make very much sense to me, and removing the control from the code to experiment with it myself has defeated me at every try!

Can anyone point me in the right direction please. I am looking to create a small editor program that will show syntax highlighting in wxPython (For now), but I am also interested in making the control highlight other languages, and possibly some custom highlighting too.

Also of some concern is that the only program I have found that even shows the StyledTextCtrl is Boa Constructor, and I am not fond of the program because it doesn't seem too stable (in Linux at least), so perhaps someone could show me the way to use the StyledTextCtrl when it is simply typed into an editor (Geany).

I have found much of the reference material for the control, but without a concrete example of using it I cant seem to do much with it.

Many thanks


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Yes, thanks. I did mention that Id looked at this with little joy, although I called it the "wxWidgets examples". My fault for not making myself clear!

The problem with the demo file is that I have been unable to extract the StyledTextCtrl to work on it and understand it - In other words I cant put the control into my own project to play with it, which is why I would like to find an example program, that can be stripped and understood more easily (Than one that is integrated into the demo wrapper program).

I learn much more readily if I can take something and build it into my own code a bit at a time.



The problem I also face with wxpython is few examples. People of Daniweb are at least doing it. There are many free Python books but none for wxpython. The Only resources I use are wxpython API, WxDemo and Few examples around there. For example, I cannot find any example on databases, even very simple on wxpython.

Here is alink, try it and see!

Thanks evstevemd, Iv already got that one bookmarked! Its the kind of page that I will need to use while I'm playing with the control, but before that I need a kickstart to get it all moving in that direction.

This lack of documentation is a shame - I really like wxPython, but I'm already starting to lean away from it based purely on the fact that I cant seem to find any information! I have a few projects in mind, but for the most part they are being put on the back burner because I'm having trouble even starting!

Anyway... thanks for the help - perhaps someone else will come along and read this and know just where we can look!



Have you visited Paulthom Website?
I have Idea. I will PM you !
See you,
Don't give up! wxpython is best IMHO, and docs should not stop you. QT could be option but $$$$ are barrier

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