Hi every one. This is my first Post. I am an electronic engineer and currently enrolled in MS Embedded Systems Engineering. In my project, i have to interface an Altera DE3 board to a windows based PC and achieve a data transfer rate of 100+ Mbps usin USB port. The board has a ISP1761 USB chip and i am very much sure about the way to control it using Verilog. Problem is on the PC end. I need a proper starting point for my custom driver for this communication. Tried a lot of google search but i am still confused that where to start with. I have worked in C++ before but have no idea what a Driver or API is.

Any help to get me started will be highly appreciated.


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Come on guys!!! Any sort of help will be appreciated.

The Altera DE3 board came with a CD right? My bet is that is has a sample program usb-host/device. All Dev-boards I've ever worked did anyway.

yup. I was right

According to this, it came with an API, so you might want to try reading some documentation...


If not, maybe this is a good place to start if you don't want to write your own driver. (haven't used it yet, but heard some good things about it.)

Also: Bumping your own thread very rude IMO

Thanks for the reply. I definitely will look into the link you provided. The cd with DE3 contains a lot of info but all of that is for the board, none for the driver for Windows on PC end.

USB Blaster has API support but I will be using
"USB Host/Slave Controller with one mini-AB for host/device and two type A for device"

API USB Blaster is of no use for me. But i really appreciate your HELP.


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