Can some someone help me with a code to create a new Excel workbook and send data to the workbook using java.Please help me.

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Google "Andy Khan JExcel"

We use the Jakarta POI API for that here at work.

We use the Jakarta POI API for that here at work.

Also Good, though I wonder if either of them have been adapted for Office 2007 yet.

The only thing I didn't like about POI, is that the library is so big. JExcel is much smaller, and yet I haven't found anything (yet) that it can't do that POI can. Then again, the reverse is also true, I haven't found anything POI can't do that JExcel can.

I have to admit though, that I definately have not had extensive experience with both of them. There are, I am sure, things one could do that I haven't attempted, yet.

The POI project page says they are working on Excel 2007 support, but I'm not sure how far along it is.

I haven't tried JExcel, so I can't really address the differences between them.

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