I am creating an application in VB.NET that has multiple pages. It's turned out to be a four page application as it took 4 forms for me to get all of the information for this application.

My question: Is there a way for me to somehow link these forms as pages 1 - 4, something like when you have a four page document in Word and scroll down to hit next pages?

Please help!

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When I have a lot of information to show, I use the TabControl control. This allows users to click on different tabs to view additional data. However, to get back to your question, you can use form.show to open a form (replace 'form' with the name of your form). To hide a form, you can use me.hide. You can add buttons to your forms and place the code inside them.

Put a panel control on your form and set the autoscroll property to true. Put 2 buttons on the panel. Set one property location to 1100,30 and the other to 30,1100. The scroll bars show up on the panel and can use it like word.
You will have to do away with the other three forms.

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