I need help in vb.net.

We have a page that opens a pop-up modal dialog with a form via JavaScript. The pop-up opens when a button from the parent window is clicked. The pop-up contains a textarea that has a required field validator. Once the user clicks the OK button on the pop-up, it closes itself and reloads the parent window giving it a REJECTED status and hides the button for calling the pop-up.

Everything from that point is good but when you click on the back button a few times, it goes back to the page where you have to reject the form again. The status reverts to the old one and the button calling the pop-up is shown again. When the user clicks the button, the pop-up is called and you can reject the form AGAIN.

If the form is already rejected, the pop-up should display a message saying the form is rejected instead of a textarea. It seems that the pop-up window doesn't reload itself you call it from a few pages back.

This is the page_load of the pop-up window:

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
        If (b_prf.PRFStatus() = Constants.PRFRejected) Then

            lblRequestedBy.Visible = False
            lblRequestedByReject.Visible = False
            lblDateRequested.Visible = False
            lblDateRequestedReject.Visible = False
            lblReason.Visible = False
            txtReason.Visible = False
            btnOK.Visible = False

            Response.Write("PRF already rejected.")
        End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub AssignValuesToControls(ByVal prf As PRF)
        'display details
        lblRequestedByReject.Text = prf.User
        lblDateRequestedReject.Text = prf.DateRequested
        lblPRFID.Text = prf.PRFCode
    End Sub

Help would be appreciated. Thanks


It seems that the modal dialog shows a cached version. Is there any work around to this? Like say add a random string at the end of the url?

Okay so the appended random string works in Firefox and Chrome but it doesn't work in IE6/7. Any ideas?