I am used to using:

char *str;

to make a string but recently have changed to using the ANSI string class as its a lot more powerful and easier to use... BUT i have a problem!

when I have encountered a string which conatins a " character I have used the following for a c-style string

char *str = 'quote = "hello"';

Which means it will contain "quote = "hello""
However i have a line of code which is

string str = '<tr><td><img src="log_error.bmp"></td><td><b>';

but it gives an error. It seems like the new ANSI string wont accept the ' character. Does anyone know how i can write that string to include the " characters around the bmp filename?

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You inspired me to add one more item to my code snippet on std::string ...

// use \" for embedded double quotes
  string s1 =  "<tr><td><img src=\"log_error.bmp\"></td><td><b>"; 
  cout << s1 << endl << endl;

ahh thanks. This means i could add a snippet too!! i have a logging system that makes a html file with icons for each type of entry (its normal, its a warning, its an error ect...) its all tabulated as well :)

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