If you ever wanted to create 3d apps or 3d games, add didn't knew where to start, you will be happy to know that you can do that and a lot more with Java 3D.
Java 3D API is an extenstion to the JDK, you can find info about downloading the API & it's documents , and a lot of Tutorials to get started at http://www.j3d.org .
Or check the sun's site at http://java.sun.com.

if you want to ask me a question just email me! ;D

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can this be integrated into VRML worlds or are they 2 different animals? ???

u r THE MAN!!! very kewl sites - thanx!!! ;D

Yeap, it's cool, although VRML is no longer supported by popular browsers by default. A shame the popularity is low considering what you can do with it.

unfortunately i havent played w/VRML for over a year - think i used to use COSMO viewer or some such; personally i think VRML was about 10+yrs ahead of its time - from what little futzin around w/it i did it seemed like its most suited to broadband connections - something that was exactly a catchphrase of the late eighties/early 90's!!!! i'm still looking forward to getting into it - but its about the 15th or 20th item on my list of technologies to pickup, so.......

I agree with you on being ahead of its time. The web has become such a place for business and quick information that there's hardly any room for something like VRML. Because Flash and Java are already a popular technology they tend to go with those instead.

well considering how long it takes a really nicely done Flashy site takes to load from 56k vs broadband, i think that an equally well done VRML site would have comparable download times - as such having VRML amongst 1s bag-o-tricks might just give a competive edge in landing a piece of work given the right circumstances. 4 now it may well be dead, but if its still relatively easy to view through a browser(plugin) then for me i think its still a worthwhile tek to learn - but theres just soooo many minutes in a day...

I think if there was more hype on it, it would become more popular. Maybe if Microsoft and AOL advertised it, and supported it, and made T-shirts, then I'm sure it would pick up. I would have to learn more of it of course, as I usually tend to get into what's hot in today's world... and maybe even buy a T-shirt...

LOL, mustnt forget the T-shirt!!! ;D

I have a thing for wearing computer related T-shirts. Makes me feel like like I'm too much of a computer freak and need to get out more, which I probably do anyways... ;)

ok, so this isnt exactly Java related, but.... u might find the following link interesting should u decide to delve into VRML a bit more (actually, of course, that all depends upon ur jumping off point a@ this time): http://wdvl.internet.com/Authoring/VRML/

Looks pretty spiffy, but I don't think I'll be able to look at that any time soon. Next year I will be entering a Web Design contest at my university and maybe I can put some of these things to use. Thanks for the link.

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