Write a client-server application program to design a chatting room implementation using sockets to communicate between a server and clients. For this project, the followings are minimal requirements.
Registration phase.
1.Each client will register to the server for joining a chatting with its own nick name.
2.One client will open a chatting room. This client will be the master client.
3.Other clients will join it.
4.Only the master client can close the chatting room.
Chatting Process phase.
1.Any client can send a socket. This socket will be transmitted to server when it types enter.
2.This socket("Message") will be distributed to all the clients in the chatting room.
3.Each message will be displayed on the window for each client with sender's name.
4.Any client can leave the chatting room freely except the master client.
Closing Phase.
1.Only master client can close the chatting room any time.
2.Before closing chatting room, the closing warning message will be distributed.
3.Another client can open the chatting room right after closing the current chatting room

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