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I am going to host a website on my server for a client. I have seen "control panels" on many different hosting sites, that allow a user to login, upload, edit, delete, create, etc. for their website. They are like a file manager/wysiwyg editor/ftp type deal. I would like to know if there are any free or low-cost "control panels" like this that I can install on my server (Windows-based, IIS) in order for the client to upload/edit his own pages from his browser. It needs to be simple to use (don't need too many capabilities), and simple to install/configure. There should be an "admin section" for me to add/delete users, set passwords, and set access privileges per user. Also, preferably one that doesn't need a database (mysql, etc). Please let me know where I can find something like this, and what the system/software requirements are. Thanks.

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It appears that many people have viewed this, but no replies at this point. I thought that this would be a very common question and that there would be lots of people with ideas. I have searched for some "cms" type things, but they are all way too intense for my needs. They have about 1000 more features or capabilities than I need. I just want something where the client can go to the website, login, and edit certain parts of certain pages, then save them. I really don't want to have to setup php and mysql unless there is no other way. I just was hoping for a simple solution for a very simple website. The only thing that seems like it may work at this point - and be fairly simple - is to use an iframe, letting the client create a webpage with Word and insert that page into the iframe. This way would be fairly simple, but would involve ftp to get the newly-saved page online. Please let me know if there is some sort of very simple online way to do this.

These control panels are usually not part of the website, but are part of the operating system of the server. Your client just needs an account to use the server itself.

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