Hi Guys,

i am pretty new into C. I read a book and made some examples. So all this is just precedural programming. Nothing special.

I want to read all the Hardwareinformation i can out of my system. (Windows XP System).

I can already read via Registry, CPUID and SYSTEM_INFO struct of windows. But i want more information...Like those: (without using registry):
- Is there 3D-Support for the graphics Adapter
- HDD Vendor
- CDROM Vendor
- Temperatures of cpu, hdd, mainboad...
- RAM-Timings
- MBR and Partition Table

If anybody can help me i would really appreciate it. But i hope you know that if i get just a Name like GetAllHwInfos() i dont know how to use it :( So if there are any codesamples i would please you to post them.

Thanks a lot!!