I am having trouble dsipalying more than one value on the same line, I am not sure the exact way to go about this,

<xsl:if test="/item/survey/pastCitations/citation[@REGVERS !='FV10']">

<xsl:attribute name="value-of">fixQuote(top[survey][pastCitations][ <xsl:value-of select="/item/survey/pastCitations/citation[@VTAG = $vtag] /@_name" /> [text]]) </xsl:attribute>

for this line I would like to dispaly the Text and a couple other elements within the output, text currently displays just fine but I cannot get another element to show.

sample xml output

- <pastCitations _name="PASTCITATIONS" UPDATE="FALSE">
<citation _name="CDEF1" TEXT="some good text to show as prior citation." REGVERS="FV09" VTAG="V110" />
<citation _name="CDEF2" TEXT="hcfghfvgh" REGVERS="FV09" VTAG="V255" />
<citation _name="CDEF3" TEXT="more good text" REGVERS="FV09" VTAG="V420" />
<citation _name="CDEF4" TEXT="text for the new regset" REGVERS="FV10" VTAG="V256" />

for the If statement above I would like to display the regvers, vtag and the text like I said the text currently displays. How would I get the regvers and vtag to display before the text.

any help would be great.


Your question is very confusing. For example, you provide XSL for a value-of attribute but nowhere is that used in the sample output you provide.

If you still need help. please provide sample of your input document and your stylesheet, together with an example of the expected output.