I need help with a memory game. I dont know how to do when I want the users choice to appear. The function guessing. I want the user to first write e.g. A1 and then B2. and the doldmatris() is the one with the words. Then the start function will get the words so you can see and if the words the same they should stay there and still appear. Anyone with any ideas of how I can do?thank you :)

and if you see something that can be done with a nicer coding please give me the advice :)

import random
class Matrix(object):
    def __init__(self, cols, rows, letters):
        letters = ['A','B','C','D','E','F']
        print '      1      2      3      4      5      6'
        self.cols = cols
        self.rows = rows
        self.matrix = []
        for i in range(rows):
            ea_row = []
            for j in range(cols):

    def setitem(self, col, row, v):
        self.matrix[col][row] = v
    def getitem(self, col, row):
        return self.matrix[col][row]
    #Print out the letters
    def __repr__(self):
        outStr = ""
        for i in range(self.rows):
            outStr += '%s  %s\n' % (letters[i], self.matrix[i])
        return outStr

def start():
    start = Matrix(6,6,0)
    print start
#Hidden matrix to import the words from the list and
#then compare with the other matrix
def doldmatris():
    infile = open('memo.txt', 'r')
    words = infile.readlines()

    index = 0
    while index < len(words):
        words[index] = words[index].rstrip('\n')
        index += 1


    index = 1
    dold = []
    for i in range(6):
        ia_row = []
        for j in range(6):
            i +=1

    return dold
def guessing():
    row = raw_input('Which row? (A-F)').lower()
    col = input('Which column? (1-6)')

    return guess
def main():

Is this game supposed to be like the card game memory?

Where you turn over two cards and if they match you count the pair (usually removing the cards) and if not flip them back over?

So for each user turn:
the user should pick a first card
you 'turn face up' the first card
(display the grid)
the user should pick a second card
you 'turn face up' the second card
(display the grid)
if the cards match, remove the cards from play
if the cards do not match, turn then back 'face down'
(display the grid)

until the user has either matched all of the cards or quit

This means that each location in the grid has one of 3 states: face down, face up, empty

If you would like further assistance, please implement more of the code. It would also be nice if your posted code would at least compile, and if you want to use an external file, a sample of what that file was intended to contain would also be useful.

PS- As an alternative design to the 'scrolling text' method you are using, if you are at least passing familiar with the python graphic support, this application would lend itself well to a grid of buttons. Although it would be a very different approach from what you have, I think the result would be more user friendly.