Hi there forum members:

Looking for some help .. I am a physician, not a programmer but .....

I have created in immunizations database in MySQL
I would like to create a form for filling out immunizations on a chart in my office for families

To make it simple, lets say DB is like this:


dpat aventis 5
ipv aventis 5
mmr merke 2
varicella merke 2

I would like "report writer" from MyCON (a proprietary MySQL client with RAP built in) engine to ...

Cycle on the first record IMM_DOSES times, then go on to second record; repeat the row
untils IMM_DOSES rows have printed; go on to third row, etc.

My questions:

a) where does the code go?

in the BeforeGenerate event of the Detail (report body) section?
in the BeforePrint event of the Detail (report body) section?

b) seems like a "for loop" is the simple way but I am not sure of this

for x in 1 to IMM_DOSES do

                  {some code here that tells engine to cycle a row?}

                   {some code here that decriments the value of x ?}


My (simplified) end result hoped for is a form like:

CMG VACCINE RECORD on _____________
DTAP 1st __________ _______ ____ aventis
DTAP 2nd __________ _______ ____ ____
DTAP 3rd __________ _______ ____ ____
DTAP 4th __________ _______ _____ ____
DTAP 5th __________ _______ _____ ____
IPV 1st __________ _______ _____ merke
IPV 2nd __________ _______ _____ ____

Any thoughts?

If you do the correct grouping on your data you dont need a before and after.

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