Please fellow programmers am relatively new in programming and am currently working on a Library Maintainance and Administration software and am finding it hard inserting pictures with other data's into the database The picture insertion should be optional.Please i need to know the codes i need to achieve this
Please also, is the Report Viewer enabled to print pictures with other data's?Please if possible how can i achieve this.
Please I would appreciate if my questions are giving early response.Thank you!

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Try Daniweb's site search first. I've answered the same or at least very similar question quite a few times. A pretty good search phrase is "image SQL Server VB.NET" (without quotes).

Here's a link to one thread "upload image in vb.net" I answered earlier today.

I haven't used Report Viewer with VB.NET. But since it bounds to dataset/datatable I would assume that it supports images too.

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