I've a simple question, i wonna make a program using access database to store the entered data and making some calculations on it to get the total income per day and per week, how could i backup the old data and save it in a separate database at the runtime to emptying the original database and accept a new data, i wonna make this kind of mechanism to avoid filling out of original database and to keep it accept a new data forever, so is this possible to achieved??
if not what's the suggested solution to achieve this??

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I don't see the point of doing so. but yes, that is possible.
but then again.. do you mean you want to create a table or such for every seperate week?
I do hope you have some hard disk space to spare :/


agree with stultuske, quite a cumbersome task

not sure how your db is laid out, but typically what you would do insert a new record with a timestamp and only pull from the latest timestamp's results

also you could set a boolean value for the row, to show if its inactive or active, and only pull rows where active =1, and still maintain the old rows

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