Hey, I'm new to this forum.

I'm having trouble making a mapping/navigation type program.
Kind of like one where you type in "N" and you go north. But more complex, scince i'm creating an rpg. (In command prompt console) I need to have the map visible. I would need to add things and properties to certian positions on the map. I've already created a complexish battle system that works. (If you need me to post my program, I will.)

If anyone could get me started in the right direction at least, I would be very appreciative.

It would have to be non linear. I know how to make linear mapping programs, but what is the fun in that?

Sorry for there is no edit button. (Just found it)

Here is an example of what I need my code to do:

You are here: x=14,y=18
F, Being Forests,
X, Being current position,
M, Being Mountian or somthing,
R, Being road or somthing.

(The new map would perhaps look like this)
You are here: x=15,y=18
T, Being town.
Maybe there is a battle there, And I would access that code if there were.

If this helps any, please let me know.