Hai all,
I am new to all..
Currently i am doing a "Video Conferencing" project in Java which implements SIP and JMF..

but i didn't know how to interact SIp and JMF in J2EE..?

could any one help me..?
pls give the related informations or links..



Hai Techy,

Your Relpy informations are valuable one for me..

Thanks for ur support..

if u get any more, don't forget to inform me..

:cool: Gokul..

hi gokul,
i want to make videoconferencing project but i am not getting any information about this .can u tell me plz what does this videoconferencing needs & what is it first step to build.plz i will be very grateful to u.

Hi everybody..

i need your help
will u plz tell me how to implement sip in my messanger application that i am developing.

HELP plz...