im creating a java program using Jgrasp and im completely stuck on how to apply my random operator to calculate two random numbers? heres my code:

//Import Random Generator
import java.util.Random;
import java.util.*;
//Program name
class TimesTableTestTimer
{//open main
public static void main(String[] args)
{//Create while loop to restart
char Restart = 'Y';
while (Restart == 'Y' | Restart == 'y')
Random Generator = new Random();
//Create Random Operators
char[] chars = new char[]{'+','-','/','*'};
int r = Generator.nextInt(chars.length);
char op = chars[r];
char Answer = op;
//Create 2 Random Number Generators
float X = 1 + (int)(Math.random()*13);
float X2 = 1 + (int)(Math.random()*13);

{//Timer variables
double t1, t2, ttaken;
String Key = "";
System.out.println("Welcome to the Times Table Test Timer!");

System.out.println("Press the 'Enter' Key to start the Next Question");
//Start Timer
for (int i = 1;i <= 4;i++)
t1 = (System.currentTimeMillis());

float   Sum = (X + X2); //How to use the random operator instead of '+'

System.out.println(X +" ? "+X2+" = "+Sum+" "+op);
System.out.println("What is the Value of '?'...");

Answer = KBInput.readChar();

if (Answer == op)

//End Timer
t2 = (System.currentTimeMillis());
ttaken = t2-t1;
System.out.println("Your time taken is "+ttaken/1000+" Seconds.");
}//Finish sequence to loop

{//Ask to restart
System.out.println("Thank you for completing the Quiz");
System.out.println("Press 'y' to restart or any other key to exit");
Restart = KBInput.readChar();
}//Close restart option

}//Close Loop
}//Close Introduction
}//Close Variables
}//Close Randoms
}//Close While Loop
}//Close Main

ive tried looking everywhere but the forums seem to be the best place for help thanks in advanced

Hello, KPS
You can try to look in class Operation...

cheers ill try looking that up a bit lost now

Here's little example for better understanding:

Operation op = new Minus();  // you can dynamicly set the operation         
XObject x = new XNumber(5.0); //creating numbers
XObject x1 = new XNumber(4.0); //creating numbers
XObject r = op.operate(x, x1); //doing operation