Hi all...

I have a query here... Is it possible to open another software application in runtime? My situation here is that I have some .dat files which has the data points for plotting a 2-D graph. I have heard about Tecplot as a great graphics renderer especially for simulations of fluids flow (which is the data I had). Since Tecplot only requires .dat files as the input to generate graphs, I am thinking if I can easily create graphics by executing and running Tecplot (opening another new window) in my current Windows application (created in C#) during runtime, it will be very convenient and I do not have to research more into GDI+ in order to develop contour and pathlines to do the fluids flow simulation using the data from the .dat files.

Thanks for any advice rendered... Time is running out... Hope I can start drawing my graphics either using Tecplot or GDI+ from C# soon. Thanks.

Seems like i am your personal tutor huh? :p Anyway yes. System.Diagnostics.Process. There are a number of ways to get it to go. But in your case pass it the tecplot.exe path and the dat filename as a parameter (or it may need the dat file itself - i dont know about tecplot so wouldnt know) and tell it to start....

ProcessStartInfo myProcessStartInfo = new ProcessInfo(tecplot.exe path); //assuming you have the "using" statement
myProcessStartInfo.Arguments = datfilename;

Yea, you will need the...I no he said it. But just to back it up :).

using System.Diagnostics;

In order to use the above code.

Ahahahaha yea f1fan, I would employ u as a personal tutor if I could :P

Thanks for all the advice! Thanks to tayspen too! :)

hahaha you couldnt afford my rates :p

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