As of now I have the below:

#ifndef RUNNER_H_
#define RUNNER_H_

#include "Maze.h"
#include <QtGui>

class Runner{
	Runner(QColor c);
	int runnerSize;
	void setLocation(int,int);
	void setMaze(Maze);
	virtual void redraw(QPainter * painter) = 0;
	virtual ~Runner();

	int rXcoor;
	int rycoor;
	Maze * rMazePanel;
	QColor rColor;


#endif /*RUNNER_H_*/
#ifndef MAZE_H_
#define MAZE_H_

#include "Player.h"
#include "Ghost.h"
#include <QtGui>

class Maze: public QWidget{
	Maze(Player*,Ghost[],QWidget * parent = 0);
	int mWidth;
	int mHeight;
	int mWallDistance;
    int mBrickGap;
	int collideWall(int,int);

	 void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event);
	int mBrick[25][25];
	QColor mBackgroundColor;
	QColor mWallColor;
	Player * mPlayer;
	Ghost * mGhost;

#endif /* MAZE_H_ */

however when I compile this it doesn't recognize Maze as a type of class and I have no idea why
I would appreciate any kind of help

What sort of error message(s) do you get?

Did you check the spelling?

Did you check that your include guards are correct? If you re-use them in another file (say copy/paste without a complete edit), then you lose.

Are there any other maze.h files lying around, say in another directory?

#ifndef MAZE_H_
#define MAZE_H_
#error Yep, included it OK

If you get to the #error, it will fail to compile.
But it will at least prove you're including that file.

Well I fixed the error, the problem was that there was a maze.o file in the same directory and I guess it was causing the compiler confusion

oh wait sorry about that, now I know why i fixed the error

it was because I was including files in my header that I didn't really need. Apparently a header should only be included if a forward declaration is required. So by getting rid "maze.h" in my runner.h file solved this problem

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