Anyone experience problems with a disappearing control focus rectangle when using an XP style manifest?

Some check boxes and option boxes no longer show the focus rectangle when the control gets focus using the kayboard and the tab key. Some do, some don't. Rather strange. I've tried putting them in picture boxes, but that didn't help either.

When the manifest file is removed, the rectangle returns, so it has to be related.

Did you figure out what was going on? I seem to be having the same problem (although inconsistently)... eliminating the Windows Common Controls from the manifest file seems to workaround.

No, never figured it out. And if you eliminate the common controls, you lose the XP theme, but it does fix the problem. Wish I knew what was going on.

Found something on the web..It appears that when the "Hide Underlined Letters" feature is on, the focus rectangles will be hidden for controls in a normal window. From control panel, Display, click "Appearance" tab and then the "Effects..." button and then turn off the "Hide Underlined Letters..." checkbox. I had a couple of situations where the rectangles were missing and it seemed to get them back. Not sure what changed in the common control v6 to cause this. I have 4 other "symptoms" with the v6 comctl32.dll and so far they all relate to it only supporting unicode (vs. ansi).

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