class Calendar
        Calendar(Appointment mname);
        void AddToCalendar(Appointment mname);
        void RemoveFromCalendar(Appointment mname);
        vector < Appointment > meetings;
    }; // Calendar

    class Appointment
        Appointment(vector< person > alist, Time stime, Time etime, Date d, Location p);
        vector< Person > getAttendees()
        Time getStartTime()
        Time getEndTime()
        Date getDate()
        Location getLocation();
        vector< Person > attendees;
        Time starttime;
        Time endtime;
        Date date;
        Location place;
    }; // Appointment

I don't really understand what these classes are. I don't know what the vectors are about... Can someone explain to me how I will create those functions so that I can implement these two classes in my main. I have 4 other classes in this program but im only using the this pointer to create the get functions. Any help is appreciated.

N. Banerjee

These classes are simulating person and attendance , you can think of vector as better array .