I need to write a code that takes 5 students and takes a grade for each of them, using two quizzes (10 points each), one midterm (50 points) and one final (100 points), and then gives final grade. It has to use an array.

I tried to do this code last time without an array and only one student and I failed, so if I could get some help, that would be awesome.

well show us what you have worked on, we won't do it for you, only help you

Sorry, I didn't explain. I need to get some ideas so I can start. I think I can program it from there.

well what are you having trouble with then?

you told us what you need to do, and you said you could program it, so if you need help with something specific, let us know

What you have given is a problem domain. You can work up the design and tell us where you get stuck up implementing it in langauge, we would help you there then.