Hi. I have an HTML Control on my frame and I am able to display pages in it:

self.krtc = html.HtmlWindow(self, style=wx.NO_FULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE);

However, I'm having real problems trying to pick up a CTRL + C event (Or a right mouse click event) to copy any selected text.

Iv looked through the wxDemo, but I cant understand how the events work. Can anyone help please?



Well, Iv had a little joy so far - Iv managed to get a click event recognised like this:

self.Bind(html.EVT_HTML_CELL_CLICKED, self.krtc_OnClick, self.docMAIN)

def krtc_OnClick(self,event):
        x = self.krtc.SelectionToText()
        if x > "":
            print x

This works nicely, and could easily copy the selected text, but its not of much use unless the user knows that the text has been copied!

More to the point, Iv not been able to pick up any keyboard events yet, which rules out one of the most common methods of copying selected text!

Any ideas anyone?