Hey again guys and gals,

getting a really weird error when i attempt to print out doubles

in my program i have to store several double values, but when ever i print then out all i get is

-9.25596e+061 instead of what should be printed out.

string line;
	stringstream stream;
	cout << "Please Enter the Mortgage Ammount:" << endl;
	stream << line;
	stream >> mortgageAmmount;
	cout << "Please Enter the Mortgage Term in Years: " << endl;
	stream << line;
	stream >> mortgageTerm;
	cout << "Please Enter the Interest Rate: " << endl;
	stream << line;
	stream >> interestRate;

thats the code that receives the input mortgageTerm, interestRate and mortgageAmmount are all stored as doubles.

cout << "Mortgage Ammount: " << mortgageAmmount << " GBP"   << endl
			 << "Mortgage Term: "    << mortgageTerm	<< " Years" << endl
			 << "Interest Rate: "    << interestRate    << "%"      << endl

is the code that prints out the data.

in my test run i entered
mortgageAmount as 20,000
mortgageTerm -9.25596e+061
interestRate -9.25596e+061

and it prints out
mortgageAmount as 20,000
mortgageTerm 20
interestRate 5.5

thanks in advance for any help


Why are we not collecting the inputs into some 'double' variables directly? why so many string operations?

because i read that reading in strings first then converting by using the stream works better than cin due to problems with cin.

i'm currently rewriting it to use cin now.

when reading in my integers for my menu using strings and streams works perfectly.

i'll post back when i've tried it with cin


edit: I've changed them all to cin and it works, guess it was me just trying to make it more complex than it really is. still not sure why mortgageAmount worked and the others didnt even though they used the same read method and were all doubles but it works now so i wont spend long wondering why it didnt work