I am creating an CSV file in java by putting the Korean values in a properties file like "\uc81c\ubaa9 \uc18c\uc2a4\uc5d0\uc11c \uc5b8\uc5b4" which is properly coming in the CSV file (like "번호 출판물의") when I open it in the notepad and select the font as Arial Unicode MS, but when I open the same in MS EXCEL it is coming as junk values

I have even installed the Korean language pack for MS Office.
i am also writing to file using UTF-8 fromat...

attached the CSV file

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But for that to be an actual CSV file it should have different values separated by commas. Are you separating out values using commas ?

While there isn't a stringent specification for these files, I doubt Microsoft Excel will allow such character encodings. So I tested it out... I copied one of the characters you gave as an example and pasted in Excel - it showed. I then saved the file as CSV (Excel gave the incompatibility error but I continued anyway). Closed the file and re-opened to find the Unicode character was stored as a '?'

This seems to be a clear indication that you probably won't be able to do whatever it is you want to do using MS Excel as your application for the end-user. I've opened the same file using OpenOffice.org Calc and it requests the character set. If I choose Korean then it sort of displays the contents correctly.

I recommend readings this website: http://www.creativyst.com/Doc/Articles/CSV/CSV01.htm
There is a section on CSV and Unicode.

To that end, I also recommend simply storing your data in the native Excel format (xls). There are many APIs available that would allow this to be done in Java and that would certainly save your the trouble of making Excel compliant.

Oh and to answer the previous post, yes he is separating the values using commas.

thanks PoovenM, as you said the Ms Excel is not storing the values by default for the CSV type of files.. ones again thanks, and thanks for verruckt24 also...

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