The Eternal Sun is an open-source MMORPG that is currently in need of developers and other people that are willing to work on the project.

If you want to get into the dev team, register at and mail me at

More details:

License: GPL/GNU
Graphics: 3D
Placement: Medivalish/Standard old school mmorpg
Engine: Will probably be crystal space.
Audience: Violence included
Language: English
Programming language: Mainly C++, parts python

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And your C or C++ question was?

Well, i wasnt really asking something directly to c++, but since its programmed in c++ i thought i would post it here.

>but since its programmed in c++ i thought i would post it here.
I work for a company that sells tools. Because parts of the inventory software are written in C, would you like to buy a hammer?

We do have a help wanted board you know. No, you don't. Why? Because you're too freaking lazy to scroll down to the bottom of the forum list or (god forbid!) actually read and comprehend the subjects so that you know your post is topical. Be gone, fool. I don't have time to suffer your idiocy.

I did check the help wanted forum, but it said it was for PAID requests....

>I did check the help wanted forum, but it said it was for PAID requests....
And the truth shall set you free! If you want to recruit people from random forums then be prepared to offer money. Otherwise stick to relying on people who are interested enough in open source projects to come to you. Or better yet, come up with something interesting enough to attract talented programmers. From what I've seen of your project, it's yawn-central, therefore, I'm not interested. You posted on a forum that I care about, therefore I'm letting you know that your thread is off-topic.

Now shoo.

How do i let people come to me when they dont know i exist...
Oh and we do have devs atm, but if we want to speed the process a bit up we need some more people. We are still planning the story, quests, etc. Thats why we are recruiting people.

I don't care how you do it, just don't do it here. We provide programming help here, and spam like this thread hides threads by people with legitimate problems.

Dude, ok im shutting up.
And not because im *giving up* but only cause i dont want a fight over this.

come on guys

@diod: fair play you got the wrong forum, post it in the requests section and people will look. mark it as voluntary as there are quite a few voluntary recruits there already

@narue: no need to be TOO nasty about it. we all make mistakes - and i think admin can move a thread if it becomes an issue?

ok ill do that thx

Why didn't I close this thread initially as off-topic?

It's cool to post stuff like this, just in the appropriate forum. Feel free to take this discussion to the Geek's Lounge, where off-topic discussion is welcomed.

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