Each job had:
• a name ( up to 8 letters)
• a unique job number ( first job 1, second 2 and so on)
• a priority 1-5
• memory requirement ( multiples of 4K, max 16K )
• programmer - name, extension


Your job is to create a class job and a simple IBM 360 simulation program which allows you to:

1. add a job to the queue waiting to execute
2. start a job from the queue
3. display the jobs in the queue
4. cancel a job that’s running
5. display the jobs that are running
i. in priority order
ii. in memory usage order
6. display the details of any particular job ( running or in the queue ).
7. change the priority of jobs in the queue

That sounds great! Did you have a question, or something we should comment on?

Were you hoping someone has a program lying around that does this? Like, someone who took this class last year? You should really consider doing the work yourself, and if there is something specific you need help with, please let us know.

on the surface of it - it may be worth turning this over to the computer science forum to get an idea and then posting code problems back here :)

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