A Book shop maintains the inventory of books that are being sold at the shop. The list includes details such as author , title

, price , publisher and stock position. Whenever a customer wants a book , the sales person inputs the title and author and

the system searches the list and displays whether it is available or not. If it is not, an appropriate message is displayed. If

it is, then the system displays the book details and requests for number of copies required. If the requested copies are

available , the total cost of the requested copies is displayed ; otherwise the message " REQUIRED COPIES NOT IN

STOCK " is displayed.
Design a system using a class called books with suitable member functions and constructors. Use new

operator in constructiors to allocate memory space required.

Improve the sytem design to incorporate the following features :
a. The price of the books should be updated as and when required. Use a private member function to implement


b. The stock value of each book should be automatically updated as soon as a transaction is completed.

c. The number of successful and unsuccessful transactions should be recorded for the purpose of statistical

analysis. Use static data members to keep count of transactions.

Modify the program to demonstrate the use of pointers to access the members.

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> I'll do it for $500.
> I'll do it for $5000.

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Wow, an inverse auction in progress! :O

You will require a class named book and a vector of books ,etc. Give it a try.

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