i am persuing my engineering.i would like to do a mini project in java.can anyone please suggest some interesting topics and guide me how to start??

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Sure. Your first mini-project is to find and use the forum search feature to locate the thousands of "final year project" threads that are already littered throughout these forums.

1) Learn Java, do this by reading books/tutorials, taking a class, et cetera. Read the thread at the top of this forum, Starting java.
2) Start coming up with your idea. Do this by thinking or Google it, or do what Ezzaral suggested and search Daniweb for threads asking the same question.
3) Design the class structure and hierarchy using object oriented principals. Write everything out, don't hastily start coding. If you know the inner workings of your design step four will be much easier.
4) Start coding.

We generally will help with step 4, the rest should be done completely by you. That way you will gain a deeper understanding of your program.

thank you very much and please let me know any suggestions of such sort

maybe you should read the answers before disregarding them ...
we're not a project-idea shop, firstly, because we don't have the time to be, secondly, because we would be doing your work, which means you would be cheating.

if you want to earn your degree, put some effort in it yourself

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this website giving u good idea for making a program

commented: part of his task is to decide for himself on a project, not to pick something out of a 'project generator' or whatever like that -1

Wow, an entire web site filled with pathetic pleas for "send me teh codez for dis project". Very impressive... :icon_rolleyes:

project = java + hobby;
Do that, what You like.


Picture if you will a young man, fresh from college with a nice degree, sitting in an interview for his first job.

Things are going well, he expertly answers the simple routine questions designed to filter out the flim-flam artists.

Then out of nowhere comes a tough question.
"So, what motivated you to choose that project, what problems did you face, and how did you overcome them?"
You've just entered - the twilight zone
Time warps into a haze, as you dimly recall all those threads from those 'mean' people who told you to DYOHW.

"Maybe they weren't being mean after all; maybe it was to prepare me for this moment. Oh why didn't I listen and take heed when I had the chance!!" you think to yourself.

Suddenly realising that your degree might be worthless, you blurt out without realising what you're saying:
"Some dude on a web forum told me to do it".

Yep, that'll impress - NOT!.

Even if you get the job, you'll only get asked "So, do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?" so many times before your colleages realise you're just dead weight.

Face it kiddo, you're on a career road filled only with exit ramps if you keep this up. Start doing what you're interested in.

commented: One of the best posts I've seen on the "do it yourself so you'll learn" mentality +9

hey i did not ask anyone to do my project please remember this and i dont have to cheat anyone or in a way myself....i just asked for guidance as i am not able to know where to start being a fresher....thanx for your valuable suggestion

make a game...like bejeweled (i love bejeweled) and then have the scores saved to a MySQL database. Then design a API for a website that lets you search for your name and you can see where you are on the standings!

When you are done PM me cause I will play :P

i just asked for guidance as i am not able to know where to start being a fresher....

start looking into something like "the concept of projects" what does a project contain, what steps are there.
choose the sort of project you want, make an analysis, write the software and, if wanted, improve your code.
did I just say anything that you couldn't have figured out yourself by thinking about it for the full thirty seconds?

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