I need simple DLL to play audio file (at lest MP3). As simple as possible for me to use it in practicing playing with DLLs

Thanks Marco. It is for learning purposes because I want to learn using Lame enc DLL. So what I want to do is get familiar with DLL that is simple before I get to that Lame DLL.

Anyway It is good option for practical purposes. BTW I'm Coding in Python, and there are few who deal with DLL. C/C++ guys are full equiped with DLL thing so I like to poster such thing here!

Thanks alot I will take look at Win32 API because there is python module for that! Heeeh

I saw Bass.DLL but not google gave no tutorial for it, poor documentation and very heavy for newbie. Whooh! Is there simple DLL dealing with Multimedia (esp. Audio issues) that I can learn from?

Lame_enc is easily available but I have failed to use it, due to Lack of tutorials too! Help pls!

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