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Thanks Marco. It is for learning purposes because I want to learn using Lame enc DLL. So what I want to do is get familiar with DLL that is simple before I get to that Lame DLL.

Anyway It is good option for practical purposes. BTW I'm Coding in Python, and there are few who deal with DLL. C/C++ guys are full equiped with DLL thing so I like to poster such thing here!

Thanks alot I will take look at Win32 API because there is python module for that! Heeeh


I saw Bass.DLL but not google gave no tutorial for it, poor documentation and very heavy for newbie. Whooh! Is there simple DLL dealing with Multimedia (esp. Audio issues) that I can learn from?

Lame_enc is easily available but I have failed to use it, due to Lack of tutorials too! Help pls!

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