Wasn't sure where else I was supposed to put this but I recently installed VMware and a copy of MS-DOS 6.22 using .img files mounted to a virtual drive in the virtual machine. I have a couple questions...
1. there is no "shutdown" command in this version of DOS, is there any way to actually shut down the operating system or does one just shut it off?
2. is there such a thing as CD-ROM support in this version of DOS? It's easy enough to make a .iso file and mount it there but there isn't a D: in the system, how can I mount a virtual CD drive using DOS? Also the shared folder doesn't work, VMware doesn't support the o/s.
3. how do I make a .img or .flp file to mount to a virtual floppy drive? I'm on a laptop and don't actually have a floppy drive, internal or otherwise. I can't find out how to make one so I can put additional software (C compiler, assembler, BASIC compiler, VI, etc.) into the system.

thanks in advance

thanks about the MSCDEX though I'm not too certain on its usage. As with vfd, it seems like it can only read and mount .img and .flp files and not actually create new archives

Nah you can get it to create a virtual floppy on your windows machine. It will show up as A, drag and drop your files there then save the drive with the extension .img and mount it in VPC.