i am doing a project using C#.
in my project, i stroed the database information into the dataset.
i do't know how to collect the data from dataset using query.

i know collect data from dataset using datarow method, but task is collect data from dataset by using query. if any body know please send ur information.

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Karthikeyan S

You have to use a DbDataAdapter for that. It has properties like SelectCommand. A DataSet is what it's says : a DataSet.

You have to use a DbDataAdapter for that. It has properties like SelectCommand. A DataSet is what it's says : a DataSet.

hi just explain briefly.

i not understand what u saying, if possible please send the code.

You declare a dataAdapter or anything like that for example

string sql = "Select * from Products"
DbDataAdapter daProducts = new DbdataAdapter(sql, theNameOfyourConnection)

daProducts.Fill(dataset, "TableName")

This depends on your Database provider cos if you use SQL Provider U will have your dataAdapter declared as SqlDataAdapter if you use Jet 4.0....and all u will use OleDBDataAdapter hope that makes sense though

hi ,
this is for store the DB result into the Dataset.

ok after the execution of the aboue code. i like collect data from that dataset by using query not using datarow...

i think u understand

(my doupt is how to collects the data from dataset by using query no using datarow. for avoiding comparision operation i like to execute the query inside the dataset table. most of them told it is possible. but no body know the details.)

Im trying to understand this... The above code is retrieving data from DataBase and store it on the dataSet using DataAdapter and dataset and a quiry which at the moment is Select statement, Now what kinda query wud u like to use to collect ur data from dataset, or maybe let me ask it this way, U wana read data from dataset and do what with it, maybe display it, using which control, I will have to admit I dont think I understand what ur asking

hi actually i stored some information in dataset.

i like to access that information from dataset using DML (query). this is a task.

currently we reterive the data from dataset by using datarow.

instead of process each element. i like to give dml query into dataset. that query reterive the data from dataset.

i think u understand my task.

i stored db informations in dataset because avoiding again and again access the db.

so from that dataset using dml query and collect the information.

if u understand please try to give idea, notes, sample code.

Karthikeyan s